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Embroidery 101

Needle and Thread

Another ancient decorating technique, embroidery is created with needle and thread. Such materials as sequins, rhinestones, or yarn can also be incorporated in the embroidery process. Embroidery can be produced by hand or by machine.

We use multiple head embroidery machines that takes digitized designs and sews them onto the garment. Digitizing converts your image from a typical computer format (jpg, bmp, tiff, etc.) to an embroidery format that the machine can read. Once digitized, our software program sends it to the embroidery machine creating your image stitch by stitch. The result is almost magical as the images appear on the garment seemingly out of nowhere.

Embroidery is a higher quality print method of decorating garments than most others, and was considered much more expensive until recent years. Recent advances in digitizing have now made embroidery much more cost effective. The most professional appearing method , embroidery is best on hats, polo style shirt, promotional items when possible and outerwear.

Hobbyist still perform the art of embroidery by hand. This makes the process slow and tedious.

Through modern technology we are able to simplify this process and make it not just faster, but with an improved end result.

Below you will see one of our four 12 head embroidery machines that allows us to to embroider your corporate attire, hats, duflfe bags or just about anything you may need in a very short time with perfect accuracy.

One of our 12 head, 6 needle machines. This machine can quickly and efficiently deploy a six color, 10,000 stitch decoration at nearly 800 SPM (stitches per minute) in just over 8 minutes.

Amazing, this is not our fastest machine. Our larger production machines can do nearly twice the SPM count at 1,500!

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