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Print Styles

We offer many print styles such as, standard screen printing, direct to garment, water based, discharge, jumbo and over sized. We offer each in spot color, process color and simulated process color.

Standard Screen Printing (Plastisol Ink)

Plastisol is a petroleum ink that is used in traditional screen printing. Honestly it is not our favorite. It is our standard process when 100% cotton garments will not be used or when cost and quantity are a factor. Still a very vibrant and durable method when printed correctly. The downside is the print is thicker than waterbased inks, so we only use straight plastisol as a last option.

Oversize and Jumbo Prints

Jumbo screen printing is unique and becoming more economical. It is also our favorite. Our maximum imprint size is 20” wide by 22” tall for Jumbo prints and 15” by 19“ tall for over sized. See our  File Prep page to see our maximum imprint size for various shirt sizes. We only use waterbased and  straight discharge inks depending on the design.

Discharge Inks

A process of bleaching out a 100% cotton garment to its original color or adding pigment to the discharge to achieve a desired color. Unfortunately, PMS matching is not exact using this process. Results may also vary depending on the cotton used. Discharge inks have virtually no feel. Works great when printing over seams or run-off prints.

Waterbased Inks

Water based inks are the most eco-friendly inks available. The inks are dyed into the garment achieving a super soft feel to the print. This is the ink of choice for organizations looking to print green. Water based inks can be used on dark garments to attain a vintage style print. We often pair waterbased inks with organic garments. See more details in Screen Printing 101.

Simulated/Four Color Process & Direct to Garment

Need a full color image or photograph printed on a t shirts? We got you covered on either light or dark shirts. Typically too expensive for smaller orders, we also offer high quality Direct to Garment printing which allows us to print water based images directly on a garment with what appears to be a giant inkjet printer made especially for the garment industry.

Metallic, Glow, Flourescent, Crystalline & Puff Inks

Want to add a new dimension to your garments? We offer a full range of specialty inks from shiny metallics to UV active glow in the dark inks, to neon/flourescent inks. For texture try crystalline or puff inks.


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“Midway Middle School has used Banana Graphics for field day t-shirts, and cheerleading t-shirts.  The finished product (t-shirt and screen printing) was very high quality and delivered quickly!  We have received many compliments on the t-shirts.  They are also great with design ideas!  We couldn't be happier with Banana Graphics!"

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Jennifer M.

Midway Middle School



Below is a short video that outlines the screen printing process. Here you will see the many steps it takes to bring your message to life.


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